The Romulans (Star Trek Role Playing Game) [Two Book Set]

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BOTH books of the two book set. Crisp, glossy covers, very nice. ~ 2-book set: The Romulans: Star Fleet Intelligence Sourcebook - The latest intelligence on the Romulan people, the Romulan Star Empire, and the Romulan Imperial Navy. ~ The Romulan Way: Game Operations Manual - Designing and running games that feature the Romulans. It provides the information necessary to create and train Romulan characters; a Romulan Character Record also is provided. ~ 32+48 pages

Title: The Romulans (Star Trek Role Playing Game) [Two Book Set]



Publisher catalog ID: FASA 2005

Publisher: FASA Corporation: 1986

ISBN: 093178705X

ISBN 13: 9780931787058

Format: Staple Bound

Condition grade: Fine

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