High Passage, Issue 3 (Traveller RPG)

High Passage, Issue 3 (Traveller RPG)

Glossy cover, little wear. Unmarked inside. ~ Feature Adventure: The Edge; The Port Authority Handbook: Arrival in System; Starship Files: Star Class Armored Merchant; In Transit: Long Range Thruster System & Manta Class Escort Fighter; Special Feature: Marc Miller Interview (part 2); Star Atlas: Ile Subsector & Dethenes Subsector; The Armory: Mercenary Support Weapons. ~ 40 pages

Title: High Passage, Issue 3 (Traveller RPG)

Author(s): Scott Walschlager & Jim Cunningham & Craig Johnson

Categories: Other,

Publisher: FASA Corporation: 1982

Binding: Staple Bound

Condition grade: Very Good

lbs: 0.30

Seller ID: GMSP02fasaHP3